Podere il Moro

Farmhouse with pool
in the province of Siena, Tuscany Italy

The history of the farm, in the tradition innovate

The farm Il Moro formerly was part of a much broader held as witnesses that the emblem is the same as that of other neighbouring farms including The Casino di Bagnaia.
The family Daidone, Antonino and his wife Gina, began to cultivate the farm about forty years ago. In the land intended to use crop was cultivated mainly durum wheat, wheat, barley and boba.
The family does not always lived in the countryside, but moved to the Moro, with the children and Dino Marinella, in the summer the time of harvest until it was finished the ploughing and sowing.
While Antonino was responsible for farm work, which for him were the passion of a life, Gina thought the house, preparing lunch not only for his family but for all the people who helped in the harvest, workers and peasants, and even minding small animals such as chickens and rabbits.

The buildings attached to the farm at that time had a very different from what we have today. In the last century Tuscan countryside in the land was cultivated by patriarchal families who lived in the estate with children and grandchildren. For this reason, the cottage attached to the farm was a very large building with about 20 rooms where they could live all members of the family.
A large kitchen, located at the entrance, was the place where the evening met the whole family in front of the large fireplace, the only means of heating the house.
Before Antonino and Gina cultivated the fields, the farm was also intended to farming livestock: pigs and cows. The premises under and around the house were mainly designed to accommodate stalls for the animals.
When forty years ago Antonino and Gina began growing Moro, have decided to use part of the house to house, while other rooms and the stables were used as warehouses to dry grain that was then sold some 's time. Today, the warehouses for grain were abandoned because the product just collected modern vrhu kombajnov is immediately conveyed in the various consortia land in the area.

The family tradition was continued by his son Dino, which has begun to devote themselves to agriculture at a young age. While continuing the work father, Dino brought many innovations on, ampliandola buying new and modern equipment and starting production of other crops such as sunflower or coriander. To further enhance the company eight years ago was planted the uliveta. The oil that is produced today, as well as all other crops that are currently being Moro, are organic products.

The innovations introduced in agriculture (organic crops, oil crops and new) are not the only changes in the farm. They are born new huts for agricultural machinery and the old buildings have been completely renovated. The old stables have become comfortable apartments for the holidays. The houses were made respecting the style of campaign Tuscan farmhouses, and the use of modern building materials was flanked by traditional materials, as can be seen from the wooden beams of the ceiling. It remained intact, in order to preserve the original style, the scale of the main entrance to the cottage.

This new activity joined the work in the fields, and it's managed with passion by Antonella, the wife of Dino. To make their stay more pleasant for the guests was built a swimming pool, installed some games for children and, since last year, built a large kitchen and a gazebo to propose some tasting menu of traditional products.